What is floatation therapy? 

Float therapy is a powerful tool for wellness, relaxation, pain relief and better sleep. It simply involves lying effortlessly on the surface of warm water that has been saturated in epsom salts. This will be done in one of our two floatation pods that are a little larger than a double bed and chest high. They are filled 25cm deep with water to which so much epsom salts have been added, that when you get in and lie on your back, you are pushed to the surface so you float like a cork.  
There is a lightweight door that you can leave open, or close if you want. When the door is closed the pod is sound proof and in pitch black darkness eliminating the senses of sight and sound. As well as this the water and pod air temperature is heated to near body temperature so your body doesn’t know where one finishes and other begins this gives a feeling of pure weightlessness. 
Benefits of Floating 
Those who regularly use floatation therapy report an array of positive long-term and short term benefits to the mind, body and spirit, such as... 


Increased relaxation - Relieves stress & anxiety - Aid for phobias & depression - Boosts creativity - Improves concentration - Releases endorphins 


Lowers blood pressure - Relieves joint pain & inflammation - Increases immune function - Speeds up physical recovery - Detoxify the system - Eases Arthritis, Lupus, & Fibromyalgia 


Boosts awareness & mindfulness - Improves meditation practice - Supports deeper & more restorative sleep - Jet lag relief - Removes external distractions 
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